Preparing for a move can be exhilarating, but when it comes to packing up the garage, the task often seems like navigating through a maze of workout equipment, tools, and accumulated odds and ends. Fear not! With a well-thought-out approach and a touch of organization, packing your garage can be efficient and stress-free.

Here’s a personalized step-by-step guide to make the garage packing and moving process smoother:

Begin with Decluttering:

  • Kick off the process by decluttering. Take a close look at every item in your garage and decide if it deserves a spot in your new home. Consider letting go of old paints, damaged tools, or items untouched for years.

Categorization is Key:

  • Group similar items together to streamline the packing and unpacking process. Categories could include gardening tools, automotive equipment, sports gear, and more.
  • Pro Tip: Think ahead about seasonal items, ensuring you have quick access to what you’ll need based on your destination’s climate or the time of year.

Revisit Original Boxes:

  • If you’ve held onto the original boxes and packaging for power tools or equipment, now is the time to put them to use. These boxes are specifically designed to protect delicate items during a move.
  • Pro Tip: Invest in sturdy packing materials to safeguard both heavy-duty equipment and fragile items.

Handle Hazardous Materials with Care:

  • For items like fertilizers, pesticides, or paint, ensure they’re sealed tightly to prevent leaks. Clearly label these boxes as ‘Hazardous’ to guarantee careful handling.
  • Pro Tip: Prioritize safety and dispose of hazardous materials correctly to adhere to moving company regulations.

Disassemble for Efficiency:

  • Disassemble large and bulky items, such as workbenches or shelves, to save space and prevent potential damage during transit. Keep small components organized in labeled bags.
  • Pro Tip: Capture clear photos before disassembling complex equipment for easy reassembly later.

Opt for Clear Container Organization:

  • Store small parts like screws, nails, and bolts in clear, sealable containers or jars. This ensures they remain visible and easily identifiable.

Provide Padding for Protection:

  • Safeguard sharp gardening tools or equipment by wrapping them in old rags or bubble wrap. This not only prevents injuries during the move but also protects neighboring items from scratches.

Shield Fragile Items:

  • For delicate items like glass ornaments, wrap them carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap. Clearly label the box as ‘Fragile’ for added caution.

Prioritize Weight Distribution:

  • When loading boxes, always ensure that the heaviest items are placed at the bottom. This contributes to stability during transit and minimizes the risk of damage to lighter items.

The Power of Labels:

  • Each box should be meticulously labeled with its contents and the designated room (‘Garage’). This labeling system proves invaluable during the unpacking phase.
  • Pro Tip: Keep a box labeled ‘Essentials’ for easy access to tools or equipment needed immediately upon arrival.

Approach the garage-packing task with a calm demeanor and a methodical strategy, and you’ll find that even the most cluttered garage can be efficiently and safely packed.

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Moving day is finally here, and we’ve got your back with 13 simple tips to make it a breeze. We’ve learned a lot from helping lots of people move, and we want to share our wisdom with you.

13 Tips for Stress-Free Moving Day:

Time is Your Friend

Moving day goes by quickly, so plan for more time than you think you need. Get up early, have a coffee, and take care of things like saying goodbye to your kids and making sure your pets are safe.

Pack Smart for Day One

Keep important stuff like toothbrushes, chargers, and medicine in one handy place. Use suitcases or marked boxes so you can find them easily.

Give Your Place a Quick Clean

Before the moving team arrives, do a final check of each room. Clean up any spills or messes. You’ll need cleaning supplies at your new place, so pack them last.

Check Your To-Do List

Leave your new address for mail and let utilities know about your move. If you’re tipping the movers, make sure you have some cash on hand.

Stay in the Loop

Keep your phone close, so you don’t miss any calls from the movers. Check the street for any changes or issues.


Talk to the Movers

Meet the people helping you move. Share any important info about your place. Be around to help if any problems come up.

Relax and Let Them Work

Once things get started, let the movers do their thing. If you have questions or ideas, feel free to speak up. We’re here to make you smile and help you through this big change.

Know When You’re Leaving

As the truck gets loaded, tell anyone waiting for you at your new place when you’ll arrive. Make sure you have your mover’s phone number in case of delays.

Lock Up Your Old Place

Check that windows and doors are closed and locked. Do one last check to make sure everything’s clean. Leave your keys as planned.

Meet the Truck at Your New Home

Help the movers get into your new place. Figure out where you want your things. If you’re renting, take pictures to show the condition of each room.

Check the Basics

Make sure the water, electricity, and wifi work in your new home. Look around to make sure it’s safe for kids or pets.

Say Thanks and Finish Up

After the movers unload, check everything is in place. If you’re using pros, someone from their team will talk to you and make sure you’re happy. Sign off on the paperwork and tip the team if they did a good job.

Set Up Your New Space

Start by cleaning a bit, but don’t stress about unpacking everything right away. Focus on setting up your bedrooms and getting your kitchen and bathroom ready. Take it easy during the first few days.

Moving can be a big deal, but with these 13 tips, we’re here to help make it easy and even a bit fun. Here’s to a successful move and a happy start in your new home!

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Have you ever wondered if moving companies can take apart your furniture? It’s a common question when you’re getting ready for a big move. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Yes, They Can! But There’s More to It…

Moving can be a bit overwhelming with all the packing, logistics, and the actual moving day. And then there’s the challenge of dealing with large furniture. That’s where professional movers come in handy. They not only move your stuff but can also take apart your furniture.

Moving Companies Do More Than You Think

Moving companies, like One Day Movers, do a lot more than just moving your things from one place to another. They help you pack, unpack, load, and unload. But one cool thing they do is take apart furniture when needed.

What Do Movers Offer? Let’s Keep It Simple

Movers help you pack your stuff safely, from clothes to fragile items. They load your boxes onto trucks using special equipment, making sure your big furniture doesn’t get damaged. And yes, they can take apart furniture and put it back together for you.

Why Should You Consider Professionals for Furniture Disassembly? Let’s Break It Down

Moving can be a bit stressful, right? Especially when it comes to big furniture. But hiring professionals like One Day Movers can make it easier for you. Let’s see why.

  • Save Time, Stress Less
    • Moving day is busy, and pros can handle the big furniture, saving you time and stress.
  • Keep Your Stuff Safe
    • Your furniture isn’t just stuff; it’s special to you. Professionals know how to take it apart without breaking anything.
  • Stay Safe During the Move
    • Moving heavy things without knowing how can be risky. Pros have safety measures to avoid accidents.
  • Easy Reassembly at Your New Place
    • The same experts who took apart your furniture will put it back together correctly at your new home.

What to Think About Before Hiring Movers? Let’s Make It Simple

Thinking about hiring movers to take apart your furniture? Here are a few things to consider.

  • Check Their Experience
    • Make sure the movers know how to handle big furniture. One Day Movers, for example, has experienced folks who know their stuff.
  • Listen to Other People
    • See what others say about the movers. If they’re good at their job, people will talk about it.
  • Ask About the Costs
    • Moving companies charge for their services. Check if taking apart furniture is included in the price or if it costs extra.
  • Safety First! Are You Covered?
    • Make sure the movers have safety measures and insurance in case something goes wrong.

How to Take Apart Furniture – Easy Steps

Taking apart furniture might sound hard, but it’s not if you know what you’re doing. Let’s keep it simple.

  • Start with Drawers and Shelves
    • Remove things like drawers and shelves first. It makes the big parts lighter and safer to move.
  • Get Rid of Bolts and Screws
    • Next, use tools like screwdrivers to take out bolts and screws. Pros have the right tools for this.
  • For Antiques, Be Extra Careful
    • If you have old furniture, be extra careful. Some things are better not taken apart to keep them safe.
  • Putting It Back Together After the Move
    • If you hire pros, they’ll put everything back together at your new place. Just ask what they can help with.

Tips for Taking Apart Furniture – Keep It Safe and Simple

Taking apart furniture might seem tricky, but with these tips, it’ll be a breeze.

  • Use the Right Tools
    • Get the tools you need – screwdrivers and wrenches are a good start.
  • Stay Organized
    • Label things as you take them apart. It makes putting them back together much easier.
  • Be Gentle with Antiques
    • Old furniture needs extra care. If you’re not sure, get help from professionals.
  • Ask Pros for Complex Stuff
    • If something looks too hard, ask professionals for help. They know how to deal with tricky things.

Remember: Safety First! Easy Does It

Moving is a big task, but with the right help, it can be easy. Keep safety in mind, use the right tools, and take your time. Whether it’s a big move or just taking apart furniture, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


FAQs About Movers Taking Apart Furniture – Simple Answers

Curious about movers taking apart furniture? Here are some easy answers.

Q: Will Movers Take Apart Furniture?

A: Yes, movers like One Day Movers can take apart and put back together your furniture. It makes moving smoother and reduces the chance of damage.

Q: Do I Need to Take Apart My Bed Frame?

A: Nope! Professionals can safely take apart and move your bed frame without you having to do anything.

Q: What Furniture Should I Take Apart?

A: Big, bulky, or fragile furniture, like beds and bookshelves, might need to be taken apart for a safer move.

Q: Can All Furniture Be Taken Apart?

A: Most furniture can be taken apart by removing screws or bolts. Let the professionals handle it if you’re not sure.

In Conclusion – Easy Moving with One Day Movers!

Moving companies, like One Day Movers, make things easy. They know how to handle your furniture, take it apart if needed, and put it back together. If you’re planning a move, check out One Day Movers for a stress-free experience! Visit our website at today and get started on an easy move!