Moving doesn’t always mean going far away. Sometimes, you just need to switch floors in the same building. But is it a good idea to hire movers for such a short move? Let’s explore why it might be a smart move and when it’s better to keep it simple.

Why Movers Can Make Your Short Move a Breeze

  1. Get It Done Faster:

Moving inside a building might seem easy, but elevators, corners, and lots of back-and-forths can slow things down. Movers know how to make it quick and efficient.

  1. Less Stress for You:

Moving is always a bit stressful. Movers can take away some of that stress by handling the heavy lifting and logistics.

  1. Keep Fragile Stuff Safe:

Whether it’s next door or across town, delicate things need care. Movers have the experience and tools to keep your favorite things safe.

  1. No Heavy Lifting on Your Part:

If you’re not a fan of heavy lifting or worry about getting hurt, let the movers do the hard work. You can focus on the big picture.

Thinking About the Money: Hiring Movers in Your Building

Using movers, even for a short move in your building, costs money. It might not be as much as a long-distance move, but you should think about it.

  1. Ask Around for Prices:

Check with a few moving companies to see how much it might cost. Compare that to what you can spend and decide if it’s worth it.

  1. How Much Stuff Do You Have?

If you’ve got a lot of furniture or heavy things, movers could be worth the money. It saves time and keeps you from having to lift heavy stuff.

  1. Tricky Spaces and Valuable Things:

Some buildings have weird corners or tiny elevators. Movers know how to deal with that, making everything smoother. If you have special or valuable things, movers can make sure they’re safe.

  1. Are You in a Hurry?

If you need to move fast, movers can get it done quickly. Think about your timeline and if you can wait or need things done right away.

When to Keep It Simple and Do It Yourself

While movers can be great for an in-building move, sometimes keeping it simple is better:

  1. Just a Few Things to Move:

If you don’t have much stuff, moving it yourself might be easier and cheaper.

  1. Money is Tight:

If you can’t spend a lot, doing it yourself or getting friends to help might be the better choice.

  1. Easy Building Access:

If your building is easy to get around, and there are no tricky spots, doing it yourself could be a breeze.

  1. Your Choice:

Some people like doing the moving themselves. If that’s you, go for it!

In the end, yes, you can hire movers for a move within the same building. It’s possible, and it can make things easier, especially if you want a smooth, stress-free move. But, like with anything, think about your budget and what works best for you.

Whether you pick movers or decide to do it yourself, the key is making your move as easy as possible. Whether you’re just switching floors or moving across town, One Day Movers is here to help. Reach out for a free quote and make your move stress-free!!


Q1: What services do moving companies offer for moving within the same building or house?

A: Moving companies typically provide services for moves within the same building, including packing, moving, and unpacking. They can also assist with furniture disassembly and reassembly if needed.

Q2: Can a moving company assist with moving within a condo or apartment complex?

A: Yes, most moving companies have experience with condo and apartment moves. They are familiar with building regulations, elevators, and parking restrictions, making the process smoother for you. 

Q3 – How much moving company cost for moving within the same building?

The cost of moving depends on the hours of service you need. You will only pay for the mover’s hourly price, and packing supplies if you need them. You will not pay the transportation fee. 

Q4 What steps can I follow before same-building movers arrive?


  • Book the elevator and inform the concierge
  • Secure valuable items separately.
  • Pack essential items separately.
  • Take photos of electronics before disconnecting
  • Create a moving plan for the new space

Q5 Are there any restrictions or regulations for in-building moves that I should be aware of?

A: Some buildings may have specific rules and regulations regarding moving hours, elevator reservations, and parking. Communicate with your building management and inform the moving company of any restrictions to ensure a smooth and compliant move.

Q6 Can I hire a movers if I need help in moving some stuff within the same house?

A: Yes, you can hire moving for in-house moves as well. Contact local moving companies and inquire about their specific services for in-house moves