When Should I Start Packing for My Upcoming Move ?

Moving to a new place can be really exciting, but getting all your stuff ready needs some good planning. One big question people often ask is, “When should I start packing?” It’s important to find the right time because starting too early or too late can cause some problems. Let’s break it down and make a simple plan to help you pack up without any stress.

6-8 Weeks Before the Move: Get Organized

Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to organize your things. Go through each room, decide what you want to keep, and what you can give away or throw out. This is also a good time to make a list of your important or delicate items. Doing this early can make packing easier and save you time and money.

4-6 Weeks Before the Move: Begin with Less-Used Stuff

Start packing things you don’t use often, like clothes for a different season, books, and decorations. Think about rooms you don’t use every day, like a guest room. The goal is to start with things you won’t miss in your daily life.

3-4 Weeks Before the Move: Pack One Room at a Time

Now, focus on packing up one room at a time, like the dining room or home office. Put clear labels on each box, saying what’s inside and which room it’s for.

2 Weeks Before the Move: Pack the Stuff You Use a Bit Less

At this point, pack up most of your kitchen, leaving out only the things you really need for the next two weeks. Do the same for your living room, keeping only the important stuff.

1 Week Before the Move: Get Everything Ready

Pack up the rest of your kitchen, bedroom, and anything left from the other rooms. Make a special box with things you’ll need right away at your new place, like toothpaste, clothes, and important papers. This box should be the last one you pack and the first one you open.

1-2 Days Before the Move: Check Everything Again

Pack up any last-minute things and double-check every room to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. If you’re taking your freezer, make sure to defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day.

Easy Tips for Your Packing Plan:

Plan according to Your Lifestyle:

  • If you’re busy, start packing a bit earlier to avoid last-minute stress.

Take Your Time:

  • It’s better to pack carefully and make sure your things are safe than to rush and risk breaking them.

Get Your Packing Stuff Early:

  • Before you start, get all the things you need for packing, like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and markers. Having everything ready makes it easier.

Special Things Need Special Attention:

  • If you have special things like artwork or antiques, be extra careful with them when you’re packing.

Stay Organized:

  • While you pack, make a list of what you’re putting in each box. This helps you keep track of your things and can be important for insurance.

Ask for Help:

  • Don’t be shy about asking friends or family to help you pack. Make it fun with some food or a relaxed evening together. Just make sure everyone knows how to pack and label the boxes.

Get Your Essentials Ready:

  • Pack a bag with things you’ll need right away, like medicine, toiletries, and a few days’ worth of clothes.

Don’t Make Boxes Too Heavy:

  • Even if a box can fit a lot, don’t make it too heavy. You want to be able to lift it safely.

Label Clearly:

  • Besides saying what’s inside, write which room the box is for and if there’s anything fragile or needs special care.

Remember About Utilities:

  • Even though it’s not about packing, don’t forget to switch off or move your utilities and services according to your moving day.

Be Flexible

While this plan is a good starting point, every move is a bit different. Depending on your home size, the things you have, and what you like, you might need to change the plan a bit. The main thing is to stay flexible and not leave too much for the last minute.

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